The Pathway to Eternal Happiness


Happiness is the most valuable thing in the life of man. We all wish to be happy in our lives. Yet nothing seems to be as transient as happiness. Even when one is extremely happy in a particular moment, he is not sure how long he would enjoy this happiness. We all have happy and sad moments in our lives which seem to come and go in totally unpredictable way.

We often wonder, if there is any method by which we can always be happy? Can we know, if our happiness of the present moment is temporary or lasting?

Is there a way to eternal happiness?

It is not possible to answer this question, unless one understands the essence of happiness.

Let us take this test to check if our happiness is permanent or temporary.

The Test of Happiness

Imagine that God gives you an opportunity to choose your future.

He gives you an opportunity to make choices for your next life. You can become anything and have anything that you desire.

You have to give your choices now (In Yes and No)

1. Would you like to be reborn in your own country or in a different country in your next life?

2. Would you like to marry the same spouse again or a different person in the next life?

3. Would you like to be born from the same parents or from different parents in next life?

4. Would you like to have the same children in your next life or you would like to choose children of another person?

5. Would you like to be born in the same religion again or in a different religion?

6. Would you like to be born in the same race or in a different race?

7. Would you like to be born again as the same person (same body-same sex) or as like other person?

If you have answered all seven YES, there is every chance that you are not only a happy person but also likely to remain happy for rest of your life.

If you have answered all NO, then you must be having the most miserable life in the world and you are likely to be quite unhappy in future too.

If you have some YESs and some NOs, then your overall happiness in life is proportionate to your YES Score

Happiness is Internal

Why it is not necessary to know the financial status, academic achievement or wealth of a person for predicting his happiness? After all, we consider these things as the most important for our happiness.

It is important to understand that happiness is purely an internal state of being though it also depends on the external factors. However, the external factors have no independent existence. For a happy person, the external world is nothing but an extension of the self as the person does not see himself different from the world but find himself as an integral part of it.

Happiness comes from loving the world as the self. Love is the true essence of happiness.

The Magic of Love

Love is not possible to be defined. However, it is well explained in one Hindi song in the following words which is song by a lover for his loved one

Some time I get a thought,

That you are made only for Me,

That in past you lived in Stars,

That You have been brought on Earth only for Me

This feelings expressed in this song must have been felt by every person who had ever been in love. Though there are billions of people in the world but when in love, the loved one becomes so special for the lover that they seems to have been made for each other. When in love, the lovers can leave anything and anyone for the sake of their love. Even their own life is a small cost to pay for getting their love. There seems to be no substitute for the lover in the world.

It is not that the lover is a special person who has no weakness or shortcoming, yet the feeling of love makes the lover perfect.

The World is what You Are

We don’t see the world as “It is” but as “We are”. Thus when we in love, we are in the state of perfection and we see the lover as perfect. It is not because your loved one is perfect, but because you are in love. This love is the source of all type of happiness.

Happiness comes only from love. A person who loves the world can only remain happy as it happiness is the state of mind of the person who has become one with the world. The person seems to know the mind of the world from his own mind. Such a person is always happy as nothing undesirable or unpredictable can ever happen to him. The world seems to work perfectly to the person as its mind is no different than the mind of this man.

Happiness is thus the state when there is a perfect harmony between the man and the world. He finds his parents, his children, and his spouse so special that he can never get bored of then nor can he ever imagine that anyone to be better than them. He would never like to exchange them for anything as they are invaluable who seems to be made for him only. They seem to be perfect not because they are, but because the person has discovered the path of eternal happiness.

You Can See It When You Believe It

It is not easy to love what you have more than anything else in this world. Most people like what they do not have rather than what they have. To an ordinary person grass is always greener on the other side of the land. It, therefore, seems very difficult to believe that his parents, his children or his country is best for him. Yet this is possible if you change your paradigm.

It is because that none of us comes from vacuum. We all have a source and we too are source for others. Even evolutionary theory believes that a man is the product of millions of years of evolution. If white skinned people are born in cold countries, it is not because white is more beautiful than black but because cold countries are best for the white people. Every gene that a man carries has evolved over a period of millions of year so that one become best suitable for the given environment in which he is born. Over the years, the values and culture of the society too get so ingrained in the person that he becomes more suitable for his own culture than any for the culture of any other country. Hence once one thinks deeply and does an analysis, he may find his country and people are best for him.

However, if one seeks happiness in other country or in other race, it is because he has not learned to appreciate what he has.

In the same way every person is made from the flesh and blood of their parents and share common genes and traits with them. The very existence of the person is not possible without his parents. Parents also give the person help and support when he is too young and shapes his thoughts and believes. Thus man gradually starts resembling his parents in a big way.

Most people love their children and would not like to exchange them for any other child in the world. Yet they may like to be born in a different race or as a different sex or chose different spouse. It is mainly because while they are aware of the problems of their race, sex or spouse, they do not know the problem of others. One who honestly analyzes what he has, he may find that what he has is the best because, they all have become part of them and transformed them in a way that he has started identifying his with them.

Happiness Needs Paradigm Shift

The path of eternal happiness passes through liking the self and seeking happiness not without but from within. The world outside is nothing but the representation of the self. We only see what we believe. Thus if we wish to change the world, the change has to start from within. Happiness is realized when one starts appreciating what he has rather than what he does not have. What one does not have represents the world out while what we have represents the world within.

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