You Cannot Buy Happiness, But You Can Work at It!


Happiness is something you cannot buy at the grocery store or at the smartest of boutiques, it is something that we all strive to have, but it takes work to achieve.

We all want to be happy, most of the time we are, but there are some of us that feel happiness is not for them, try as they may, it seems to avoid them. Why? I think it is because they either expect too much or try too hard.

First of all striving to be happy 24/7 is unrealistic, no one can be happy every moment of the day, nor should you have that expectation. Life is always throwing us a curve or two, just to get our attention.

One of the main ingredients that causes the failure of happiness in the minds of most people is the “setting of goals” that are almost impossible to achieve. The worst thing you can do is to strive to be Miss or Mr. Perfect. It is not possible to be the perfect employee all the time, the most patient and understanding parent 24/7 or the most loving husband or wife everyday of the week.

There has to be a sense of balance, happiness or a sense of contentment comes from facing both the positive and negative things that happen day to day with a feeling of acceptance. Realizing that we have to have some bad with the good is part of life. Practice not letting the negative overwhelm you, become a “duck” and let some things just roll off your back, your feathers may get damp, but they will not stay wet.

Many of us think that money can buy happiness, not so. You will find if you do some research that many of the wealthiest people in the Universe do not consider themselves to be happy. Why? You just cannot buy happiness! Happiness is a state of mind, only you can adjust your thinking, you can be happy, sad, grumpy or just plain ornery. It is amazing, but you have been given the freedom of choice and most of us do not even realize that.

In today’s world we are busy, some of us have two and three jobs in order to make ends meet. We are in a hurry to get from one place to another, we manage to do that, many times without taking a deep breath and we wonder why we are not happy.

Happiness comes from the combination of working and being a wee bit selfish. Working is part of our lives, and most of us feel guilty if we take time to do something we enjoy (like watching a soap opera when we should be cleaning the house,) don’t let the guilt interfere with your enjoyment of the moment.

You need to lose yourself in the moment; it is a gift you owe yourself. There is no one to be nicer to than yourself, that does not mean ignoring your responsibilities, it means taking the time to smell the roses. Take time to do something nice for yourself once in awhile. Happiness comes from combining the things you do for others with the little things you do for yourself.

Developing an attitude of gratitude is one of the best ways to work your way into happiness. Be grateful for all the good little things that come your way, allow the negative things to “just go with the flow.” Concentrating on your good and the good around you helps you fluff off the bad things. Granted there will come into your life some bad you cannot fluff off, but that is part of life and the growth process. With the strength you have from your faith you can face anything knowing that this too shall pass.

Being a friend is a one way street to happiness, having someone to share experiences with enriches your life and brings happiness. Love is a great healer and love is a great gift. It does not have to be a sensual type of love, but a love for a friend, someone who shares your ideas and feelings. Relationships are a great source of happiness.

Animals are a great source of happiness; there is nothing as wonderful as holding something warm and fuzzy. Animals offer undying love with no strings attached. They accept you for who and what you are. What greater gift can you receive?

Happiness can be found by helping others. It is surprising how helping someone whom has less than you, can revive your sense of happiness. You do not have to have tons of money to help someone, sometimes just a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk to can make a world of difference. When you take time to help someone, you are taking time away from feeling sorry for yourself and freeing yourself from having a pity party, this rewards you with a sense of well being that turns into happiness.

It does not mean you have to devote your spare time to community service or be on 24 hour call for your friends, but helping others is really a gift to helping yourself. In order to have friends you have to be one and having friends brings a measure of happiness.

There are many ways you can add to your happiness; when you feel happy, act happy – dance, jump, laugh, sing or show your gratitude for feeling happy by uttering a small prayer of thanks. Faith plays a very important part in making our lives feel happy, showing your feeling of thanksgiving by a small prayer paves the way to greater happiness in the future.

Be more forgiving, forgiveness reduces stress, less stress can mean more happiness. Try and look for the positive in relationships even when things look bleak. Forgiveness is another gift you can give yourself.

Reframe your attitude; look at circumstances as opportunities to grow. We as humans have a remarkable ability to manufacture our own happiness. Pick out the positives that you see each day, dwell on them, and allow them to enter your mind and feel the warmth that they bring. Let go of anger. Work on making the best of things that happen – that truly is the key to happiness.

Happiness is a prize – happiness is a gift given to you by the Universe. Happiness is yours, you have it in your hand, all you have to do is look at the world around you, look at the little weed growing out of the crack in the sidewalk and realize how happy it is to be out and growing free. You have that freedom too, smile, and look at life as an experience that you can create for yourself and begin to work at it.

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