Creating More Happiness


Happiness: Do you have the secret or are you still trying to chase it down? How do you define happiness for you? Where are you still wishing, waiting and hoping to discover true happiness? If you have found happiness…what is your secret? How do you describe happiness? What was your defining moment when you realized happiness was not found in objects or possessions but something you have had internally since the day you were born? Happiness to me…is something I know I have within me to be. Each day that I wake up, I have to choose to be happy. Yes…happiness is a choice.

Discovering that happiness was not found in objects or my possessions was an eye opening realization. Happiness was something that I kept chasing. I was filling my life up with things…many of the things I did not need and others that I did…at the time. But somehow, these things did not make me happy. Happiness as I discovered was something internal that I had to feel from the heart and choose it. There were days when that was very challenging and seemed impossible. But I made it my mission to keep the forward momentum going and by choosing happiness, it made it easier. It made my challenges seem less important. The challenges began to lessen while happiness became the focus.

It hasn’t been an easy mountain to climb…believe me, those days that I woke up completely exhausted and achy all over, I never thought I would get out of bed, let alone get through my day. But I did. It was a choice. I decided that I’d rather be happy than not be happy. On those bad days, it seems far easier to not be happy than to be…and that was what had to change. I know it is far easier to stay in a negative state of mind and play victim because then I don’t have to take responsibility or be accountable. But believe me, when I first came aware that happiness was inside me…I was on a quest to find it.

I read a few books about different subjects and when I formed my own opinions, I decided that happiness could no longer be found in the things that I had to look deep within myself to find my own happiness. To shine the light from within that radiates out. I was on my journey to find what happiness was for me. I already had the awareness what happiness wasn’t…it wasn’t found in things. So now I am starting from the beginning. What I did to find my happiness works for me. If you are looking for happiness, you need to find what works for you.

My journey to find happiness was not so hard once I started thinking back to what didn’t work and to actively participate in my own daily practices. I read in a book that daily acknowledgments and gratitude’s were essential in helping improve self-esteem. Acknowledgments are things I acknowledge about myself. I get to toot my own horn. What I like about me. The list was short at first, but it grows daily…like a blossoming sunflower. Gratitude’s are outside of me and helps me appreciate the world around me. I have also discovered affirmations. WOW…these are really a boost for self-confidence and helped me to smile each and every day. I am really feeling empowered now. A day that I can smile is a day that is filled with happiness. You know, I am even smiling to people on the street…strangers I have never met…and they are smiling back at me. How fantastic is that. I have also developed my own Empowering Daily Practices, which I have posted on my website for anyone who would like to start their journey.

So I am now finding more happiness each day. I am learning to empower myself with positive statements. Well, then, what happens when I slip or have a bad day? I asked myself. Again, I want to emphasize that having a bad day is a choice. Wow, that word “choice” again. I am having another great awareness…oh my gosh this is awesome! How cool is that? I love that word “choice”…I have the choice….I have the power to choose….I hve the power to choose. Choice, choose, power and happiness are now a part of my daily life. Who knew? What about empower…that is another word I discovered when I read yet another book. Each day, I find ways to empower myself. That can be from a simple statement about my intention for the day to a lavish conversation with a colleague. There are many different ways in which to empower yourself. I love to empower myself with knowledge. I love to journal and to write affirmations that are positive and inspiring. Speaking of inspiring, I have recently been re-inspired by my love of creating jewelry. Making something so beautiful is very empowering.

Happiness is love. Happiness is joyful. Happiness is a choice and nobody can ever take that away from you. Happiness is my right and I will do what it takes to be happy in every moment. I have also discovered that when I am happy, I am giving the world a gift. I am putting a positive imprint into the world that expands the universe. When I am out and about my day, I make it a habit to gift the world a smile. A smile is a free gift that is worth a million. Smiling can brighten someones day. Smiling can bring about a change in attitude. Smiling is also burning calories and exercising facial muscles. How wonderful is that. I don’t worry about the lines…I’d rather have the world know I’ve been happy rather than sad. So give the world a gift today with your smiles and you’ll be giving yourself a gift of happiness. Smile and be happy!

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