Empowerment and Accountability, The Keys to Prosperity in Business and Life


Empowerment leads to leadership, job satisfaction, work effort, and creativity. Personal success comes from self-motivation and empowering yourself. What is self-empowerment? It’s about grasping the power to take control of your destiny and live your life how you want.

Self-empowerment is the remaining effect of the way you conduct yourself, the image you project to others and the way you enhance yourself. The way you feel about yourself is easily detected by others and will affect the way people perceive, treat, and respond to you. Once you understand how your actions appear to others, you will understand why they think and react a certain way towards you. Also keep in mind that self-empowerment is a quality sought after by employers; it’s a great asset to possess.

It may seem difficult to do but, it is not. Let’s discuss a few tips which will help you learn how to empower yourself.

1. Believe in yourself – a confident (but not conceited) image of yourself will naturally project a more sharp image than if you are uncertain and anxious about your actions. And more importantly, self-confidence produces a great feeling. If you lack confidence, for whatever reason, ask yourself “why.” Once you have identified what the issue is, take steps towards improving it.

2. Take care of your health – eat well, exercise regularly and make time to manage stress in a positive way. The healthier you are, the more optimistic you become. Positivity is contagious.

3. Make a positive impression – People react positively to those who obviously take good care of themselves. Dress nice, stay well-groomed and hold your posture. What comes out of your mouth is crucial as well. Avoid saying “I’m sorry” too much. Speak with a thinking mind, don’t speak everything that you are thinking!

4. Be constructive – so many people are too critical, gossip, or complain too much. And humans being the way we are will fall into negative thought processes quicker than positive ones. So avoid the temptation to join the Debby Downers. Be positive and optimistic, provide constructive feedback on issues. Stay involved by brainstorming and finding solutions.

5. You must be the change – if you are displeased with something or someone, don’t expect them to change to suit you. Explain your feelings and compromise with others, however don’t expect everything to change to benefit you. Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something change it, and if you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

6. Thrive on feedback – to empower yourself is to improve yourself technically, behaviorally, and emotionally. Seek out feedback and respond to it by recognizing how you can change to empower yourself. Try not to take criticism personally yet as an opportunity to improve. Learn from your failures rather than shying away from them. Most success comes from learning what didn’t work. And don’t just observe life – partake in it!

7. Focus on results and outcomes -focus on your goals, aspirations, and desires. It’s easy to get tied up in how you ‘feel’ – and it’s important, but to accomplish, sometimes we need to put feelings and emotions on the back burner. Focus on getting the job done, and once achieved you can recall the experience and contemplate the emotional phase of the journey.

Take the steps presented to you and notice how much better you start to feel. You will have more pride in yourself and your abilities not just at work but also in your personal life. The way you see yourself is the way your peers will also view you. Therefore empower yourself for success!

Success also comes from accountability.

Accountability is holding you responsible for what occurs in your life. The good news is that accountability can be learned. Here are three easy steps to hold yourself accountable:

1.Tell the truth. Everybody makes mistakes. To lie about something you have done makes a mistake worse. Nobody likes a liar. Save yourself the embarrassment by fixing the mistake.

2. Police yourself. Do you do the right thing, even when nobody else sees? So be your “accountability police” and watch yourself.

3. Look at yourself-first. When trouble arises, look first to yourself. Ask yourself four distinct questions: “What is the problem?” “What am I doing to contribute to the problem?” “How can I operate in a manner that will resolve the issue?” and “How will I be accountable for the result?”

Self-empowerment and accountability are the keys to prosperity in business and life. Your business is your life, and all of the steps listed above are interrelated. Follow the tips to success and watch your life change for the better.

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