5 Benefits to Becoming a Driving Instructor


Every year new drivers join the roads and start to get an understanding of what it really takes to drive a car safely. However, that bonus really does come with a price. Learning to drive is an important part of most young people’s lives. It allows them to gain the freedom to start doing things independently and can even lead to further employment opportunities.

In this article I will discuss five very useful benefits to becoming a driving instructor. If you are considering training for a new career, maybe these points will convince you that little bit more.

Becoming Your Own Boss

Many people dream of becoming their own boss and running a successful business. Becoming a driving instructor really does provide you with the platform to do exactly that. A lot of driving instructors are self-employed and sign up to a franchise on either a part-time or full-time basis to help with gaining a reputation and of course getting some confirmed bookings whilst they are new to the game.

After a year as a fully qualified driving instructor you will find that you will start to get a few enquiries for driving lessons outside of any franchise agreements. As you start to develop a better reputation, you may be able to come away from the franchise and focus your time and costs elsewhere.

Controlling Your Hours

Although this is a true factor to an extent, you may find that you need to work longer hours and accommodate pupils needs to guarantee a certain number of driving lessons to teach.

Of course, you are more than entitled to work set hours but you may find that it is more difficult to confirmed consistent driving lessons with local students.

Manage Your Holidays

Unlike an employed position, as a self-employed driving instructor you will be able to manage how long you have for holiday entitlements. Of course, as long as it is financially viable and doesn’t stop you from covering your everyday costs such as utilities bills, rental payments and mortgages.

As you first start as a driving instructor you may prefer to restrict the amount of time that you take off to ensure that you have developed a steady income.

Part Time or Full Time

Just because you are a fully qualified driving instructor that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to work seven days a week for twelve hours. Many instructors that train do so as a retirement position.

A lot of new instructors take on teaching people how to drive as a hobby and to stay busy. However, if you decide to do this and join a franchise, you must make sure that you confirm and complete set appointments with students as it will not be your reputation you are damaging, only the franchise companies.

Earn Up to Thirty Thousand a Year

There are so many advertisements around stating that you could be earning more than thirty thousand a year as a driving instructor and that is true. However, you need to make sure that you put the hours in. You will not be earning that amount of money completing a part-time franchise.

It is never going to be easy earning that amount of money as a driving instructor but it is definitely possible providing that you make a couple of small sacrifices.

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